• End The Year on a High Note

    It is better to give than to receive. This old adage has been said time and time again. Its a powerful statement about selflessness giving doing more for the giver than the one who receives. The old adage is actually truthful reminder to us that we are made to encourage and uplift one another. When we do there are tangible benefits to a persons health and emotional state associated with giving. It can lead to a better mood, better health, and a better community. Better Mood: According to studies done at the University of California and National Institutes of Health, when people performed 5 acts of kindness for others over…

  • Equipped to Succeed

    Your purchase at Divine Décor & More goes further than adding a cute new piece to your wardrobe or spicing up your décor. While we work hard to ensure you get great deals on amazing resale items, we strive to provide so much more than a great shopping experience. We are a 501c3 organization whose proceeds go toward supporting other non-profits. After intentional research, we selected 4 organizations to receive proceeds from our sales. One of the organizations is a local medical center in Keller: Pregnancy Help 4 U. This center provides free and confidential pregnancy testing, options counseling, ultrasounds, STI testing and treatment, and many other services to the…

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Due to the large quantity of guests attending the event, we can't guarantee groups will be seated together unless a table is purchased. Please note unless prior written approval has been obtained, we will not be able to hold tables that have not been reserved by payment.

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