Male Volunteers

We have new volunteer opportunities specifically for men

Male Counselors Needed

Many times the main focus of an unplanned pregnancy is the mother, but fathers go through a lot too. Pregnancy Help 4 U now offers counseling for Men to help them through the journey of fatherhood. Whatever the situation may be, these men have been through similar situations and are available to listen and encourage you. There are several men readily available to meet with you and help you.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities Include (but aren’t limited too):

~ Landscaping
~ Computer/ IT Assistance
~ Handy Work
~ Counseling

Click on Volunteer Packet to download application. Then submit via email, mail, or drop it off at 5857 Park Vista Circle, Keller, TX 76244. Please contact Katherine by email or by phone at (817)-753-6222 with any questions.

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