Our Staff

Kayla Schroeder

Founder and Director
Kayla is the founder and executive director of Pregnancy Help 4 U. She started the center in 2011 after dreaming and envisioning God’s plan, and praying over Keller. God gave her a vision of the tree of life and the road to change, and from this was born Pregnancy Help 4 U. The ministry’s logo is a constant reminder of our mission: God is faithful to change hearts and save lives. Kayla has a passion for LIFE and wants to see women and teens be empowered to choose life for themselves and their unborn children. She has given herself fully to this ministry and answers God’s call on her life every single day.

Meredith Minor

Marketing & Outreach Manager

Katherine Yarbrough

Client Services Director

Jill Coan

Nurse Manager

Jamie Ridgell


Lyannette Ojeda

Sonogram Technician

Leah Gann

Administrative Assistant

Delena Singelton

Administrative Assistant

Leslie Speck

Administrative Assistant

Shon Williams

Graphic Designer

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